See below for resources to encourage and support literacy at home.

Online Literacy Resources for Families

R.A.C.E. to Read Challenge!

Click here to learn about Pasco County’s R.A.C.E. to Read Challenge.

Pasco County Read at Home Plan

This link includes ideas and strategies to help your Pre-K through 3rd grade student become a more proficient reader.

Lexia Core5 is on every student’s myPascoConnect Dashboard and provides targeted reading practice at the student’s level. This work may be below, on, or above grade level depending on the student’s needs. Students should be completing this work independently, without the support of other family members. See the link for Lexia at home for more information about how to support your student.

The grade level and Lexia Core5 level correlations are: K (levels 2-5), 1st Grade (levels 6-9), 2nd Grade (levels 10-12), 3rd Grade (levels 13-15), 4th Grade (levels 16-18), and 5th Grade (levels 19-21).

Once students finish level 21, they have completed Lexia Core5.

Using Lexia at Home

For more information about supporting your student with Lexia at home, click below.