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Sunshine State Readers Home Page

We have a challenge for our Crocs – to read as many Sunshine State Readers as you can during this school year!

Check out the amazing books on this year’s Sunshine State List for 3rd-5th graders!

Click on the sun to get a list of our 2022-2023 Sunshine State Books!

Check out the prizes below:

More Surprise Prizes May Be Coming Soon 🙂

For every book you read, and pass the quiz on myLearning, you will earn a brag tag for that book.

Read 3 books and pass the quizzes, and you will pick from the treasure box.

Read and pass 5 quizzes and you will get to eat lunch with Safety Steve.


Read and pass 10 quizzes and earn a spin on the wheel for a prize.

Read all 15 books and pass the quizzes by March 31st and you will get to add your name to our ceiling of stars with your own Sunshine State Reader tile. You will also be invited on a surprise field trip at the end of the school year.

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